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VWO Insights is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand user journeys and identify conversion roadblocks using session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, form analytics, and funnels.

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Proven to improve business metrics

Learn how our customers use behavioral data insights to improve user experiences, run data-backed experiments, and impact conversion metrics.

Feature-packed, so you’re never short on insights

VWO Insights supports six powerful features to help you conduct a 360-degree qualitative analysis for endless optimization ideas.

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Watch exactly how users navigate through your website or app

Record and replay user sessions on your website or app to grasp how users struggle before converting or dropping off.

Explore Session Recordings
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Pinpoint struggles before conversion

Be it struggle behaviors like rage clicks or drop-offs in a conversion funnel, you can filter and watch just those sessions to troubleshoot and resolve friction areas.

Understand specific users & their interactions

Analyze interactions of any user cohort (like technology, behavior, geography, etc.) on your app or a website, such as users who saw an A/B campaign, scrolled to a point, clicked an element, and more.

Collaborate easily and analyze faster

Note observations within recordings by flagging the exact moment. Share it with your team (within or outside VWO account) with comments. Save or download the recordings for quick access, and get previously searched recordings in 1-click.

Respect privacy and control data collection

Capture 100% user sessions or sample a subset of users. You can choose to display or hide sensitive information in your recordings. VWO hides all Personal Identifiable Info (PII) and critical presses by default.

Icon Web and Mobile Web & Mobile App

Visualize user engagement with clicks and scrolls heatmaps

Get an easy-to-digest visual representation of clicks, taps, and scrolls made by users on your website or mobile app. In a single glance, uncover what matters to your users and whether they interact with elements or sections that matter to you.

Explore Heatmaps
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Identify content important to your users

View unlimited heatmaps for web pages or app screens that are parts of your most critical funnels. Identify the importance of sections by comparing click areas. Pinpoint the correct placements of your CTAs.

Gauge visibility of your targeted content

See how deep users scroll on important website pages or app screens. Discover if they are reaching important sections or dropping off sooner. Prioritize content based on scrollmap insights.

Analyze user interactions with dynamic content

Through live website heatmaps, learn how users interact with popups, modals, or pages with dynamic URLs (e.g., pages behind a login). You can even look at engagement on historical web page elements.

Access & share insights instantly

Access important heatmaps in 1-click with heatmap views. Download or share heatmaps with your teams even if they don't have a VWO account. Your observations get automatically attached with heatmap screenshots for simpler collaboration.

Icon Web and Mobile Web Only

Ask users for direct feedback on their preferences

Quantitive data only tells us how a user behaves, but not why. Surveys let you prompt visitors with targeted questions at the right touchpoint to get direct and objective input on their preferences.

Explore Surveys
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Craft your questions with AI

Not sure what questions to ask? Input your objective or select from trending goals, and let AI design an optimal survey for you. Prefer a hands-on approach? Feel free to create one manually.

Design surveys for all your needs

Choose response types from text, checkboxes, or MCQs, among others. Customize your design and triggers to calculate Net Promoter Score, gather ratings or feedback, understand why users drop off, or simply know of their preferred product.

Run surveys after critical user events

Trigger surveys at any point of the user's journey upon specific user actions like views, clicks, scrolls, no. of pages visited, exit intent, video watched, or test variation seen.

Analyze responses quickly with AI

Let AI auto-generate concise reports for you. You can also keep tabs on users who saw, attempted, or completed a survey. View the most common responses in a word cloud and do advanced survey operations like watching sessions of unsatisfied users or exporting responses in a CSV file.

Enhance your survey capabilities

White-label your surveys to align with your brand and apply various design themes. Configure surveys to change questions based on specific user choices. Specific actions can also be triggered when users see, answer, or complete a survey via APIs.

Icon Web and Mobile Web Only

Understand why users don’t fill your lead forms

You must optimize your forms to perfection to increase sign-ups or capture more leads. Form analytics shows how and where to improve your forms to reach your goals.

Explore Form Analytics
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Identify fields causing friction

Analyze our in-depth form field reports, gauging which fields users ignore, refill, or drop off from. You can discover time spent on each field and how much of that is spent in filling or in activity too.

Track specific users at specific time

You can track forms for specific user segments or page URLs and schedule form tracking for a specific period. VWO Insights detects every form on your website automatically.

Visualize performance with reports

Monitor all visitors who land on the page, interact with a form, and hit submit like a conversion funnel. Get in-depth reports with a date filter to analyze spikes or drops in conversion rates over time.

Icon Web and Mobile Web Only

Track conversions across stages of the user journey

Break down user journeys into critical steps to lead users toward your goals. Track user interactions at each step and discover how to optimize experiences for conversion success.

Explore Funnels
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Measure user actions that matter

Track views, clicks, scrolls, taps, form submissions, purchases, and more as events or potential funnel stages. You can even track custom events specific to your business goals, like watching a video, exceeding a session duration, etc.

Monitor how users progress

Create step-by-step funnels by configuring user events at each stage and tracking multiple funnels simultaneously. Keep a tab on funnel conversions with reports that tell you conversion rates at each stage.

Understand funnel drop-offs better

VWO Insights gives you an easy way to watch session recordings and heatmaps of users who dropped off from any funnel step. Analyze why your users don't convert and optimize those friction areas.

Icon Web and Mobile Web Only

Get insights for any user type or behavior

Do quicker research by filtering user segments the way you want. For example - you want to know why mobile users from Chicago are dropping off, how website users in the UK are responding to your A/B test etc.

an illustration describes how Segments is used in VWO application

Slice insights based on user traits

Segment users with particular attributes like the device they use, the browser or OS they operate, or their traffic source. Leverage properties like UTM, javaScript variables, cookie values, or IP addresses.

Analyze users by interaction events

Analyze just those users who engage with your website or app in a certain way. You can filter based on any behavioral event, whether they are rage-clicking, dropping off, spending specific durations, or experiencing crashes.

Use your own data to build user segments

Sync data from third-party tools (e.g. analytics, CDP, CRM, or CMS tools) in VWO. Filter insights based on synched user attributes like age, average order value, past purchases, preferred products, etc.

Customize & reuse segment logic

Create custom segments by combining various segments based on AND/OR conditions. You can even club multiple conditions together with brackets logic that takes care of any use case you want to try.

Insights that all your teams can use

Our platform is designed to be easy-to-use for all teams, while still offering advanced solutions to solve even the most complex conversion challenges. Everyone in your team can collaborate and build better-performing websites or apps.

Get enterprise-grade security and support from day one

Work confidently, knowing that we have always got your back for your security and support. Build and scale your testing programs with ease.

Your data is safe and secure with us

We value our customers' trust in our platform. Hence, we try our best to comply with security and privacy mandates across physical and digital geographies.

Explore Privacy & Security
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Hipaa Compliant Logo

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enhance VWO account security with two-factor authentication at the user or workspace level using authenticator apps or email passcodes.

Data storage

VWO has data centers in the US, the EU (Belgium), and India. Our CDN uses a load balancer, is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and spans 10 locations from Japan to Brazil for faster loading.

Dedicated customer success manager

Leverage our training programs and dedicated success manager to optimize your website for better conversions.

Support with a constant CSAT of ~99%

You can count on us all year round for your most minor query while running the most complex experiments. Our technical experts will guide you all year round.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Log into VWO securely and conveniently using SAML 2.0-based single sign-on via identity providers like Google, Azure Cloud, OneLogin, Okta, and others.

Role-based permissions

Get Sub-accounts and varying levels of user permissions to bifurcate testing for client/agency and role division for the enterprise.

Drive your entire optimization program with VWO

Pair VWO Insights with our end-to-end experience optimization platform to enable a data-driven experimentation culture in your business.

Collaboratively build your optimization pipeline

Build a pipeline of experiments with personalized AI-generated optimization ideas for your website powered by GPT-4. Collaborate easily and see them to completion. Build a Kanban board workflow with observations to feed your testing and personalization campaigns. Add team members without restrictions and run your optimization program like a breeze.

Explore VWO Plan
VWO Plan

Create and run data-backed experiments

Evolve your observations from insights into hypotheses you can actually test with our sophisticated experimentation platform . Manage the priority of your experimentation ideas with a robust ICE framework and deploy winning experiments for all your users.

Explore VWO Testing
VWO Testing

Personalize experiences for your visitors

Use behavior analytics to understand how each customer thinks and build meaningful experiences to connect with them better. With VWO Personalize, you can deliver highly individualized experiences to the right audience, at the right place, at the right time.

Explore VWO Personalize
VWO Personalize
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Our customers love VWO Insights!!

Most customers purchase VWO Insights to gather data-driven insights for experience optimization. While our industry-leading G2 ratings and benchmark CSAT scores are evidence enough, here are some success stories in their own words.

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Discover opportunities to improve your website and app conversions.

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Still have questions?

Behavior analytics software enables a data-driven approach to understanding user interactions on digital platforms like websites and mobile apps. It involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting user behavior data to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement. Get insights to optimize user experience, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates.

Most tools support limited features and limited devices. Moreover, they charge you based on each user session. In VWO Insights, we have covered comprehensive features of a behavior analytics tool and they work for websites as well as mobile apps. VWO Insights bill you on number of users you want to track, not sessions. You can track unlimited sessions for each user.

We provide both options to our customers based on their requirements and use cases unlike many other tools in the market who don’t give the option of sampling. By default, we capture all of your users if your purchased plan allows it.

Setting up VWO Insights is a matter of minutes. Simply add a small code snippet to your website or integrate our SDK into your mobile app, and you will be ready to start collecting valuable insights. And this is just one time activity. If you face any issue, our support team is always active.

Yes, we offer a free trial period for you to explore and evaluate VWO Insights. This allows you to experience its full functionality and assess whether it meets your needs before buying a plan. And after trial, if you wish to continue using it, you can also begin with a free starter plan with limited functionality.

For mobile apps, our behavior analytics tool supports iOS and Android. For websites, it is compatible with all modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Our pricing plans offer various options to cater to your needs, from single-site analysis to comprehensive coverage for multiple websites or mobile apps. Please refer to our pricing page for more information on available plans.

Our behavior analytics platform collects and updates data in real-time, providing you with the most current insights into user interactions on your website or mobile app.