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Your users struggle with your app. Understand why.

Go beyond app analytics numbers and understand why your users engage, buy, or abandon your app. Build delightful user experiences with session recordings & heatmaps.

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VWO Insights - Mobile App - Session Recordings & Heatmaps

Thousands of growing brands trust VWO Insights for gathering user behavioral insights.


Lightweight SDK

SDK size is less than 300 KB. Extract insights without increasing your app’s size.

Privacy by default

No capture or storage of your end users' personal identifiable information (PII data).

Setup in minutes

Start watching your users' sessions in minutes with just a few lines of code.

Android - iOS Support

Native Android and iOS apps are supported. Flutter & React Native support coming soon.

Unlock your app's true potential

Upgrade your users’ experience and drive growth by tackling critical areas that need attention.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Debug App Crashes

Quickly fix app crashes & freezes

Watch what led to an app crash or unresponsive moment. Power up your crash logs with valuable context.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Boost Feature Adoption

Boost feature adoption & usage

See how your users use your app features. Uncover user struggles and discover new use cases you can enable for your users.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Get Data-backed UX Optimization Ideas

Make data-backed UX decisions

Get data-backed UX ideas based on actual user behavior to share with your team. Go beyond surveys & user interviews to gather 360* insights.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Debug App Not Responding Errors

Remove purchase barriers, streamline sales

Uncover what's preventing users from making purchases or upgrading their plans. Eliminate roadblocks and streamline the buying process.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Reduce app's churn

Reactivate users, reduce churn

Compare the behavior of inactive users vs. active users and identify actionable insights on the cause of app inactivity.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Generate A/B Testing Ideas

Never run out of a/b test ideas

Fuel your app optimization program with endless ideas based on your observations of user behavior.

Uncover the whole truth about your users

Gain valuable insights into user behavior with session recordings and heatmaps coupled with advanced targeting, filtering, dashboard, and dynamic configurations.

Session Recordings

Experience your app like your user

See what your app users see to empathize with them and improve their experience.

Get one view of the complete user journey

Browse all the sessions of a user in one place. Understand why your users leave and come back to your app.

VWO Insights - Mobile App Sessions - Events Timelines

Understand how users take actions in your app

Watch how your users explore your app and take actions such as taps, rage taps, zoom in/out, scrolls, swipes, flings, etc.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Session Recordings

Visualize where users tap on the screen

Find out where users tap to improve app design. It can reveal where to place CTAs and key sections that matter to users.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Heatmaps

Investigate at your speed with player controls

Set your speed of watching session replays as you want (e.g., 0.5x to 4x). You can even skip pauses of users when they were idle and only see app events.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Watch session replays at various speed levels

Save, store, or send critical recordings

If you or your team wish to revisit a critical recording, you can save it, share the link with your team, or download it.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Download or Share Session Recordings

Zero down on users you want to focus on

Dig deeper into specific user cohorts, such as users who struggle or behave in a certain way.

Segment based on tech or user traits

Users with different phones, OS, app versions, screen sizes, locations, or languages would behave differently. Prioritize the ones most important to you.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Segment session based on tech or user traits
See what causes crashes and freezes

Customer emails or logs don’t cover the whole story to reproduce an issue. Watch precisely what led to an app crash or freeze, and stop angry customer reviews proactively.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Watch  recordings of app crash moments
Examine sessions based on user behavior patterns

Study behaviors like the users who viewed a particular screen, scrolled to a point on the screen, changed phone orientation, returned to the app again, and more.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Watch session based on user behavior events
Track custom events, get unique insights

Add custom events specific to only your app and understand behavior when users trigger those events in their journey (e.g., product purchased).

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Watch sessions of custom app events
Study specific user journeys with funnels *Coming Soon

Add the sequence of steps a user takes in his journey with the occurrence or non-occurrence of events and watch user experiences critical to you.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Watch why users dropped off from funnel
Coming soon

One dashboard, all critical insights

Discover the most critical issues in your app that need your attention.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - User Experience Friction Score

Spot friction points, take action

Identify recordings with high friction and easily uncover reasons. Notice the trend over time.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - User Segments facing most friction

Identify problematic user segments

Discover which users are facing app issues like crashes, rage taps, dead taps, or app not responding errors (ANRs).

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Causes of app friction

Know your most frequent issues

Get a detailed overview of issue types and their frequency, and access recordings of specific errors.

Take complete control of your analysis

Collect only the data you need without hurting your end-user privacy.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Target ted Data Collection

Target specific users for data collection

Record data for specific user groups based on technology, behavior, battery charge, internet speed, or custom attributes such as login status, plan, etc.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Hide sensitive info

Secure your users’ privacy

VWO hides all PII by default and allows for further information to be hidden based on screens, views, tags, or text. Changes can be made from the VWO dashboard without re-releasing your app.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Smart Sampling

Track all users or use smart sampling

VWO tracks unique users, unlike other platforms that track sessions. So, even with sampling, you can see the complete user journey without missing any session.

VWO Insights - Mobile App - Team Collaboration

Teamwork is effortless with VWO

  • Add observations when you notice something while investigating recordings or heatmaps
  • Share observations with pinned recording timestamps to let your team see what you saw
  • Generate a shareable public URL for team members outside your VWO account

Seamless performance, no compromises

  • Sync data in small batches (50KB-200KB) based on user activity, ensuring no latency or performance issues
  • Run VWO seamlessly in the background, syncing data with servers only when resources are available
  • Support for Java, Kotlin, Swift. Coming soon - Flutter, React Native
VWO Insights - Mobile App - High performance SDKs

Get enterprise-grade security and support from day one

Gain insights with confidence, fully backed by our support and security, while ensuring user anonymity and full compliance with app store policies.

Your data is safe and secure with us

We value our customers' trust in our platform. Hence, we try our best to comply with security and privacy mandates across physical and digital geographies.

Explore Privacy & Security
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ccpa ready certification
International Organization Standardization Certification
International Organization Standardization Certification 27701
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Hipaa Compliant Logo
Hipaa Compliant Logo

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Enhance VWO account security with two-factor authentication at the user or workspace level using authenticator apps or email passcodes.

Data storage

VWO has data centers in the US, the EU (Belgium), and India. Our CDN uses a load balancer, is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and spans 10 locations from Japan to Brazil for faster loading.

Dedicated customer success manager

Enhance your understanding of mobile users with our training and the help of a dedicated success manager.

Support with a constant CSAT of ~99%

You can count on us all year round for your most minor query while running the most complex experiments. Our technical experts will guide you all year round.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Log into VWO securely and conveniently using SAML 2.0-based single sign-on via identity providers like Google, Azure Cloud, OneLogin, Okta, and others.

Role-based permissions

Get sub-accounts and varying levels of user permissions to bifurcate data collection for multiple apps and roles in your enterprise.

Learn everything to get started

Understand how to do mobile app behavior analysis

Check out the beginner's guide to analyzing mobile app behavior.

Explore mobile app insights guide

Setup & integrate your app with VWO

Here's a short guide to help you integrate your app with VWO and start recording data.

Explore help article

Elevate Your Optimization Game

Turn Insights into A/B Tests

Generate insights about your mobile app and use them to build hypotheses for your next A/B test.

Explore VWO Testing for Mobile Apps

Understand Web Visitors Too

Like mobile apps, VWO offers a comprehensive tool that allows you to understand your website visitor behavior deeply.

Explore VWO Insights for Web

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Still have questions?

A mobile app session is when a user opens, interacts with, and then closes or leaves an app. It's like counting a visit to an app, from when it's launched to when it's no longer active.

You can capture recordings for up to 2 hours per session. If your session runs longer than 2 hours, a new recording session will start to ensure that all subsequent moments are recorded. Even if the app goes in the background, it is still counted as session time.

VWO Insights for Mobile Apps have been built from the ground up with optimization in mind. We collect data from the user's mobile device in small batches ranging from 50KB to 200KB, depending on the user's activity load, and store it in the app's local memory. The VWO thread runs in the background and only syncs the data with VWO servers when network and memory resources are available. Once synced, we delete the data from the local app memory, freeing up space. Learn more about the performance impact on Android and iOS.

We sync user data in real-time as and when the network or memory bandwidth is available at the user’s end.

We track unique users and all of their sessions without missing any session of their journey. This is different from how our competitors handle it with a session-based approach, where you may not see the complete journey of a user and miss out on sessions.