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Run Experiments To Grow Your eLearning Business

Conduct research-backed A/B tests across your learners' journeys to optimize metrics that your product and marketing teams care for.

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a/b test variations on your elearning platform
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Embrace Experimentation To Deliver Captivating Learning Experiences

No holds barred, data-driven optimization

Know Where Students Are Getting Stuck

Step directly into your learners' shoes

Is your learner struggling with course discovery? Not paying attention to your blog CTA? The best way to get to know the points of frictions in your learners' journey is to step directly into their shoes.

Uncover specific, actionable insights

Visualize how your students experience your website through qualitative research capabilities to uncover specific, actionable insights that help you understand them better.

Learn how you can conduct qualitative research using VWO

heatmaps on an online course
a/b test improve registrations for online courses

A/B Test To Discover What Piques Learners' Curiousity

Let data drive your business decisions

Success in the eLearning business comes from keeping your audience intrigued. Don't rely on guesswork. Discover what keeps your learners hooked with A/B testing.

Answer prominent questions with ease

Do free chapters improve enrollments? Does adding testimonials from ex-graduates build trust? Answer prominent questions that help you move the conversion needle.

See how front-end A/B testing works in VWO

Experiment Different Teaching and Assessment Pedagogies

Minimize impact on performance

High-impact results call for high-stakes experimentation. To run tests that go deep within your eLearning stack with minimal impact on performance, implement them using the server-side approach.

Test deeply and widely

Experiment with different course formats, unique assessment types, optimal lesson duration, new feature access and more - the world is your oyster.

Read more about Server-Side testing

running experiments to improve learner experience
use push notifications to engage online learners

Keep Learners Engaged Wherever They Are

From all-the-time to any time

Online learning is broken up into hundreds of asynchronous sessions across multiple devices. Send relevant, contextual messages to your learners instantly, throughout their journey.

Leverage new-age marketing channels

Deploy new-age engagement channels such as Push Notifications to reach out to your learners even when they're not on your website.

Tell me more about learner engagement

We understand what makes an eLearning business successful

Here's how VWO helps you fuel growth for yours

Simplify your enrolment flow to boost learner acquisition

Get a complete picture of what's causing leaks in your learner funnel, run tests to fix the same, and see your enrolment rates go up and to the north.

improve user flow on elearning platform

Optimize open content access and content gating

Influence more conversions by figuring out the optimal number of free lessons, instructor consultations etc. to be given before triggering a gate on free content.

optimize content access through a/b testing

Improve course completion by optimizing learner engagement

Only 7% of learners who enrol finish a course. Figure out the critical pain points in the rest 93% of learners' journey, and fix them to boost their engagement.

optimize learner engagement using VWO surveys

Deliver a cohesive experience across all platforms

Be it your mobile app, desktop or mobile website, or any other platform, ensure you're providing your learners with a consistent experience, everytime.

deliver an optimized experience across platforms

Reduce course dropout by targeting low hanging fruits

Majority of learners drop out because of similar reasons. Figure out the low effort, high impact problems, and fix them to mitigate course abandonment.

use VWO Insights to reduce drop-off

Influence all stages of the learner funnel

Nudge your learners to complete an assessment, join community forums, interact with teachers, and more to make them reach course completion faster.

use push notifications to nudge learners across stages in the funnel

Success Story

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Penn Foster Uses VWO To Improve Conversions By 202%

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, US, Penn Foster is an online college dedicated to helping students achieve their goals through affordable and accessible learning. We got in touch with Elizabeth Levitan, Digital Optimization Specialist at Penn Foster to learn how they've been using VWO to improve their students' learning experience.

Their primary objective was to generate more enrolments from Penn Foster's paid search campaigns for their brand traffic

The Challenge

Baseline conversions on paid search campaigns were below expectations and industry benchmarks

  • Despite paid brand campaign traffic being more valuable, lower-funnel traffic, it was being sent to their main website homepage.
  • Exposure to a lot of information was overwhelming potential learners, causing them to bounce off without enrolling.
penn foster conversion rate vs industry benchmark
The Hypothesis

Send paid search traffic to a better targeted page

  • Previous tests showed that the best way to increase enrolls was to send paid search traffic to a more consolidated page instead of Penn Foster's main website homepage.
  • The Penn Foster team hypothesized that creating a separate landing page with a high mobile speed score and more targeted information would deliver a more relevant experience to the visitor.
a/b testing on paid traffic
The Test

Winner: Variation with 202% higher conversions

control version of the a/b test on pennfoster website
variation of the a/b test on pennfoster website
Elizabeth Levitan VWO Customer
VWO has been so helpful in our optimization efforts. Testing opportunities are endless and it has allowed us to easily identify, set up, and run multiple tests at a time. It’s helpful for us to be able to set multiple goals for our tests so we can easily track leads and enrolls and VWO allows us to do that seamlessly.
Elizabeth Levitan
Digital Optimization Specialist
Penn Foster Logo

Here's why VWO is the right conversion optimization platform for your eLearning brand

comparison of support metrics between VWO and industry benchmarks

Award-winning 24x7 support to assist you in your eLearning optimization journey

Enjoy dedicated year-round support from technical experts who will help troubleshoot all roadblocks.

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illustration of multiple tools in a single platform

Multiple conversion optimization tools in one connected platform

Ensure consistent definition for your data across the entire platform and forget juggling between multiple disconnected tools for your online learning properties.

Learn more
use VWO Plan to gather testing ideas for your ecommerce store

Get your entire team to collaborate for analyzing insights & gathering test ideas

Your entire team gets to contribute insights to a central repository, helping you develop better experimentation ideas. What's more? Track them all the way up to completion.

Learn more

Your entire org's concerns about using an A/B testing tool, thoroughly addressed

How do you ensure the code doesn't slow down my website?

VWO SmartCode has been thoughtfully crafted and drastically evolved over the years. With just one asynchronous code to run all of our capabilities, it loads in parallel with your website, thereby reducing the page load time during any campaign.

You can rest assured that even with high load, your website speed will have zero impact while loading ensuring a delightful experience for your learners, each and every time.

Learn more about zero-impact loading
effect of VWO asynchronus code on your ecommerce store

Will VWO connect with my existing tools and systems?

We understand the pain of unconnected platforms, which is why VWO seamlessly integrates with your LMS and all other technology platforms.

Integrating VWO with a third-party tool allows you to push your VWO test data into the external tool, and also allows the data made available by these tools to target campaigns on your properties.

See all eLearning integrations
integration of VWO with other tools

I'm not sure if I can trust another tool with my web properties' data, how can you reassure me?

We back ourselves up with robust data security and privacy practices that form an integral part of our product engineering. We abide by strong security & privacy design principles. These principles have a robust framework for building secure systems that address all threat vectors by default and by design.

In addition to that, VWO has implemented and maintains appropriate technological and organizational measures designed to protect customers' personal information as required by data protection laws around the globe.

Learn more about VWO's data security and compliance
data security and privacy practices in VWO platform

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