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Powerful A/B Testing For Your Online Store

eCommerce companies use VWO to anticipate shopper concerns and run experiments to optimize each stage of their purchase funnel.

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Trusted by 1000+ leading online retailers for their A/B testing needs
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Embrace Experimentation On Your Online Store To Deliver A Better Shopping Experience

No holds barred, data-driven optimization

A/B Test To Uncover What’s In Fashion

Run tests with a start-up's agility

When success depends on being nimble, speed of execution is all that matters. Be it the site navigation, product images, or pricing, easily test anything to see what works.

See how A/B testing works in VWO

Experiment deeply and widely

High-impact results call for high-stakes experimentation. To run tests that go deep within your stack with minimal impact on performance, implement them using the server-side approach.

Read more about server-side testing

a/b test on ecommerce store
visit or analysis on ecommerce store

Get Firsthand Understanding Of Your Shoppers' Behavior

Let your shoppers’ behavior guide your experiments

Use funnels, heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics to understand your shoppers’ hesitations better, which will help you generate stronger A/B testing ideas.

Learn how VWO can help you generate shopper insights

Get shopper feedback while they’re on your store

The best feedback is what you hear straight from the horse’s mouth. Gather qualitative insights directly from your shoppers using On-Page Surveys.

Learn how to collect shopper feedback using VWO

Release New Experiences On Your Store Without Involving IT

Let your IT team focus on complex matters

From edits on your category pages to a homepage revamp, make changes on your online store’s website without involving developers.

Customize your store for each shopper segment

Add elements such as banners, pop-ups, and more, and release them for a specific segment of shoppers.

Learn how to deploy new experiences effortlessly

create new website experience using VWO Deploy

We understand what makes an online store successful

Having worked with thousands of brands, we can help fuel growth for your online store

Reduce checkout churn by A/B testing different options

Get a complete picture of what’s causing leaks in your purchase funnel, run comprehensive tests to fix the same, and see your conversion metrics go up and to the north.

reduce ecommerce churn through a/b testing

Build a cohesive omni-channel shopping experience

Be it your mobile app, desktop or mobile website, or any other platform, ensure you're providing your users with a consistent experience, everywhere, everytime.

omni-channel ecommerce shopping experience

Discover data-driven shopper insights

Truly understand your shoppers' behavior by gathering insights on how they browse your store using qualitative research capabilities like heatmaps, visitor recordings, surveys, and more.

VWO form analytics for your ecommerce store

Optimize your search and recommendation algorithms

Have multiple algorithms you wanna try? Server-side testing allows you to test any number of search, recommendation or other algos for efficacy and performance.

ecommerce recommendation algorithms

Bring back lost customers and window shoppers

Reach out to users who leave products in their cart or search for items but exit without purchasing. Send them instantly clickable web notifications.

push notifications to nudge customers

Success Story


Here’s how Flos USA executed end-to-end optimization of their store’s conversion funnel

Established in 1962 in Merano, Italy, Flos is recognised as a world leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions. Flos USA is a subsidiary of Flos, which serves as an online store selling lighting solutions to consumers in North America.

The core objective was to execute end-to-end optimization of Flos's website conversion funnel

Home Page

Goal: Visits to Category Page(s)

Hypothesis: Changing the Homepage layout to be more focused towards site navigation will improve visibility and make it easy for the user to find the products they need.

Winner: Variation

6.77% Conversion Rate Uplift
a/b test on Flos website

Category Page

Goal: Visits to Product Page(s)

Hypothesis: Adding a CTA to the listing tiles will increase relevance for the user and lead to more visits to the product page.

Winner: Variation 1

47%more orders

86%more revenue

a/b testing on ecommerce category pages

Product Page

Goal: Add To Cart

Hypothesis: Updating the Choose Finish option to view color swatches will remove confusion among users.

Winner: Variation 1

19.35% Conversion Rate Uplift
a/b testing on ecommerce store product pages

Cart Page

Goal: Proceed To Checkout

Hypothesis: Keeping only essential information and the header with link to cart page will improve clarity for the user.

Winner: Variation

36.97% Conversion Rate Uplift
a/b testing on ecommerce checkout pages
Daniel Kamen VWO Customer
Given we were dealing with a perennial issue of low conversion rates on our eCommerce store, we wanted to bring in someone who has already tackled this successfully. Since we did not have the bandwidth to build a team in-house, we decided to try VWO.
Daniel Kamen
eCommerce Director

Here's why VWO is the right conversion optimization platform for your store

comparison of support metrics between VWO and industry benchmarks

Award-winning 24x7 support to assist you in your eCommerce optimization journey

Enjoy dedicated year-round support from technical experts who will help troubleshoot all roadblocks.

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illustration of multiple tools in a single platform

Get multiple conversion optimization tools in one connected platform

Ensure consistent definition for your data across the entire platform and forget juggling between multiple disconnected tools for your online store.

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use VWO Plan to gather testing ideas for your ecommerce store

Get your entire team to collaborate for analyzing insights & gathering testing ideas

Your entire team gets to contribute insights to a central repository, helping you develop better experimentation ideas. What's more? Track them all the way up to completion.

Learn more

Your entire org’s concerns about using an eCommerce A/B testing tool, thoroughly addressed

How do you ensure the code doesn't slow down my store?

VWO SmartCode has been thoughtfully crafted and drastically evolved over the years. With just one asynchronous code to run all of our capabilities, it loads in parallel with your website, thereby reducing the page load time during any campaign.

You can rest assured that even with high load, your website speed will have zero impact while loading ensuring a delightful experience for your shoppers, every time.

Learn more about zero-impact loading
effect of VWO asynchronus code on your ecommerce store

Will VWO connect with my existing tools and systems?

We understand the pain of unconnected platforms, which is why VWO seamlessly integrates with all your technology platforms, especially eCommerce.

Integrating VWO with a third-party tool allows you to push your VWO test data into the external tool, and also allows the data made available by these tools to target campaigns on your properties.

See all eCommerce integrations
integration of VWO with other tools

I'm not sure if I can trust another tool with my store's data, how can you reassure me?

We back ourselves up with robust data security and privacy practices that form an integral part of our product engineering. We abide by strong security & privacy design principles. These principles have a robust framework for building secure systems that address all threat vectors by default and by design.

In addition to that, VWO has implemented and maintains appropriate technological and organizational measures designed to protect customers' personal information as required by data protection laws around the globe.

Learn more about VWO's data security, and compliance
data security and privacy practices in VWO platform

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