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Unify Customer Data
to Accelerate Your Optimization Program

Collect, aggregate, and enrich your customer data in real-time with VWO Data360. Ensure data quality and enforce governance across all channels to optimize experiments, personalize buying journeys, and fine-tune marketing campaigns.

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Get a 360 degree view of all your customers

With your customers interacting with you across many touchpoints, tremendous data sits in silos. VWO Data360 centralizes your data to build a holistic profile of your customers. Our customer data platform makes every bit of granular customer data much more meaningful, accessible, actionable, and ready to use.

360 View

Centralize your customer data under one platform

Customer data exists in all shapes and forms. VWO Data360 not only lets you capture that data from all possible sources, but also refines it with aggregation and ML-driven data enrichment. All that data is ready to be used to sharpen customer experiences from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Unify diverse datasets together as one

VWO Data360 acts as a central hub for all customer data captured from myriad sources in different formats. VWO Data360 consolidates these diverse datasets and unifies them in a single view.

Visitor attributes

Data captured from your customer's browser includes information on their location, language, device, operating system, sessions, etc.

Visitor events

Every little activity and engagement your customer makes on your website is recorded in the form of chronological events.

Behavioral data

VWO Insights tracks your customers with analytics tools like heatmaps, form analytics, session recordings, survey responses, etc.

Experimentation data

VWO Testing captures data around how your customers are responding to your experiments and whether or not they are converting for metrics that matter.

Gather data from anywhere

Customer data is scattered and segregated based on where it’s coming from. You can navigate through this data chaos by capturing and consolidating data from multiple sources - be it your customers’ browser data, data from your third-party platforms, or even offline data sources.

From the browser

Standard out-of-the-box customer data like their device, country, operating system, traffic source, etc. and their activity on your website gets automatically populated directly from the customers’ browser on any device.

From third-party sources (native and API)

On top of out-of-the-box data, you can also import specific customer data through native integrations with the third-party analytics, CMS, CDP, and ABM platforms you use. You can also pull highly custom third-party data via APIs.

From uploads

You can even upload customer data as custom lists, like offline POS data, purchase data, loyalty card info, surveys, etc.

Make your data squeaky clean

Coming soon

Make your data squeaky clean

Our platform enables you to clean your data by eliminating repetitive data points and combining duplicate data in different formats as one.

Compute new customer properties

Coming soon

Compute new customer properties

You can also compute new customer properties like age, life-time-value, or any custom data on top of the raw data pool.

Fill data gaps with AI-based predictions

Coming soon

Fill data gaps with AI-based predictions

Equipped with avant-garde Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, VWO Data360 can predict and enrich any missing data values.

Enable AI-powered recommendations

Coming soon

Enable AI-powered recommendations

Our AI engine also helps you sharpen product recommendations based on your customer’s behavior, affinity, and past purchases.

Configure real-time audiences that matter

Build high-impact audiences on top of customer data and target them in any campaign in a snap. Simply create an array of micro-segments using any permutations and combinations of granular customer data. Once created, you can even export these segments to use in our own personalization platform or third-party marketing, CRM, and engagement platforms.

Create audiences manually

Slice data to create audiences using combinations of browser-based properties, behaviors like pages per session, and on-site events like clicks, among others. You can further refine your segments using in-depth third-party data.

Use auto-recommended audiences Coming soon

Based on the diversity of data and uniquely responding audiences, our advanced Machine Learning(ML) engine auto-builds segments relevant to your business, which you can plug and play instantly.

Track every metric that marks your success

When it comes to measuring KPIs, one size doesn’t fit all. VWO Data360 lets you define and track metrics to get a microscopic view of your conversion success. Our metrics module enables you to aggregate standard web-page level goals like form submits, page visits, or clicks on elements to create complex business KPIs which are relevant to you.

Define complex metrics in a couple of clicks

KPIs important to your business are evolving constantly. VWO Data360’s metrics module helps you keep up with this evolution by letting you create rule-based metrics to track and analyze finer KPIs in your campaigns retrospectively. No matter how complex or custom your business metrics might be, our platform has the ability to create and track relevant KPIs like:

  • North star metrics
  • Revenue metrics
  • Guardrail metrics
  • Optimization metrics

Track customer activity closely

Count every repeated activity of your customers on your website to measure the impact of their engagement patterns.

Aggregate behavior to measure uplift

Build and track complex business metrics like lifetime value per user, average order value per user, etc. by applying rules on your customers’ page-level engagement.

Import and use third-party metrics

Extract relevant events from your analytics platform like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Tableau, etc. and optimize them as metrics in your campaigns.

Flip numeric data into metrics

Any numeric data property of your website visitor can be used as a metric, and be tracked if it impacts your business goals.

Consolidate all your metrics at one place

Consolidate all your metrics at one place

Find all the metrics you are tracking across all your experiments and experiences in a single consolidated view. Re-use them as pre-defined metrics in new experiments and monitor how they are faring.

Measure the real-time impact of your optimization program

You can pick any relevant business or guardrail metrics from our central repository and measure their overall performance across business cycles and experiments they are being tracked in. This can help you identify which campaigns in past have succeeded, and why, so you can pivot your optimization strategy promptly.

Measure the real-time impact of your optimization program

It all comes together to build a single view of every customer

Segments, metrics, Visitor attributes, and events converge to form visitor profiles that give you a singular view of all your customers. These profiles are highly actionable and give insights into the customer’s behaviors, activities, and characteristics captured throughout their journey. Once unified, you can re-use your customer profiles across your marketing channels, or download them for fine-grained analysis.

Green Tiger #2956

UUID #42956

Event Timeline - 09 July, 2022

Purchase https://www.theshopstop.com/checkout/cart


Add to Cart https://www.theshopstop.com/dresses/green-floral-top-345278/buy


Product View https://www.theshopstop.com/women/dresses/green-floral-top-345278


Page View https://www.theshopstop.com/summersale


Page View https://www.theshopstop.com/

Visitor Segments (4)

Metrics Recorded for Visitor (7)

Purchase Amount Sum of Order Value when Event = ‘Purchase’


Purchase > $1000 Count when Event = ‘Purchase’ when Order Value > $1000


Wishlist to Cart Count when Event = ‘Wishlist to Cart’


Accessories Purchase Count when Event = ‘Accessories Purchase’


Apparel Purchase Amount Sum of ‘Order Value’ when Event = ‘Purchase’ and Product = ‘Apparel’


Visitor Sessions (42)

June 25, 2022 USA/Laptop/Safari/MacOS

03:55 | 5 pages

June 15, 2022 USA/Laptop/Chrome/MacOS

04:20 | 6 pages

May 12, 2022 USA/Mobile/Andriod/Chrome

02:30 | 3 pages

May 6, 2022 USA/Laptop/Chrome/MacOS

00:45 | 2 pages

April 20, 2022 USA/Mobile/Andriod/Chrome

09:38 | 8 pages

Visitor Surveys (9)

Summer Sale Collection Survey https://www.theshopstop.com/summersale

Jun 25, 2022

Checkout Process Survey https://www.theshopstop.com/checkout/cart

May 20, 2022

Support Experience Survey https://www.theshopstop.com/customersupport

Apr 12, 2022

Survey on Favourite Products https://www.theshopstop.com/women

Feb 24, 2022

Referral Survey https://www.theshopstop.com/referral

Dec 08, 2021

Visitor Included in Experiments (5)

Sale Countdown Experiment AB Test

Experience 1

Sticky Banner for Sale Experiment AB Test

Experience 1

CTA Experiment Multivariate Test

Experience 3

Navigation Bar Experiment Split URL Test

Experience 2

Search Filter Experiment Mobile App Test

Experience 3

Drive customer-centricity with enriched data

Leverage high-quality customer data to accelerate time-to-monetize, aid product adoption, and retain more customers. As you understand your customers better, you can make more informed hypotheses, run highly targeted data-driven experiments, and release persona-specific experiences that impact your revenue.

Use high-quality data to amp up your experiments

From hypothesizing new ideas that impact your key metrics, to constantly measuring how those metrics are faring; VWO Data360 leverages your customer data to thrust your experimentation strategy ahead.

Explore Experimentation

Analyze and optimize customer journeys

Understanding friction in user journeys and buying behavior unlocks your growth potential. You can analyze the impact on specific metrics to hypothesize and optimize experiments whether they are A/B, multi-variate, multi-page, or multi-arm bandit tests. And target them better to remove friction points in customer journeys.

Build and test engagements to retain more customers

With continuous experimentation, you can better understand the needs of your repeat visitors and paid customers using their unified customer profiles. You can then micro-target them based on their behavior and delight them with custom-made loyalty programs and offers to build long-term relationships.

Build personalized experiences atop unified customer data

Create and release experiences that are meaningful and relevant for every customer. Run personalization campaigns on top of the unified customer data put together by VWO Data360. Target every website visitor with contextual experiences based on their behavior, demographics, and affinities to nudge them ahead in their buying journey.

Explore Personalization

Use customer data from anywhere to market yourself everywhere

VWO Data360 lets you securely and seamlessly export clean customer data, rule-based segments, and highly-enriched customer profiles to any analytics, marketing, or sales support platform. Once exported, you can use it to orchestrate your downstream marketing campaigns on tools of your choice.

Trigger contextual experiences

Imagine that you created a segment for Cart Abandoners on our CDP. You can export it to engagement platforms like MoEngage or engagement tools like Twilio Engage to target the said segment with notifications, personalized pop-ups, emails, etc.

Provide relevant decision support

In-depth visitor profiles built by VWO Data360 can be exported to and used in sales support tools like Zendesk for precise forecasting, fine lead rating, and customer-centric sales and support strategies.

Analyze conversion funnels

Every event recorded in visitor profiles can be exported to product analytics tools like Mixpanel to create and analyze your visitors’ journey while comparing it with your business metrics and KPIs on Mixpanel to take action.

Ensure data purity without endangering privacy

Like all VWO products, VWO Data360 is designed with a privacy-first approach. It is built on a secure architecture that not only complies with global data protection norms, but also comes with airtight privacy and security controls to truly respect your visitors’ privacy.

Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade data encryption

The UUIDs stored in our database are all one-way hashed at client’s end. This means that the values of UUIDs are pseudo-anonymized so no one can connect the captured data to the actual identity of the customer.

Auto PII data management

Auto PII data management

To ensure compliance, our infrastructure design ensures that all PII formats like email, phone number, etc. are scanned for and removed from the profiles automatically. You can filter and secure the data further by adding your own patterns and rules.

Reliable data governance infrastructure

Reliable data governance infrastructure

We regularly and thoroughly audit our security, privacy, and compliance controls. Apart from standard certifications like BSI-approved ISO ratings (ISO 27001 and ISO 27701) and PCI DSS seals; VWO is also compliant with global acts and regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Airtight controls on data accessibility

Airtight controls on data accessibility

VWO Data360 hosts all your data on Google Cloud Platform and is distributed across data centers in different locations across the globe. No employee of VWO can physically access the data. In fact, our European clientele can opt for our EU data center so their customer data never leaves the continent.

Need more reasons to choose VWO Data360?

Build, own and access first-party data which serves as a single source of truth for your most important asset: your customer data.

Built to Scale

Built to Scale

VWO Data360 is built for scale with enterprise-grade capabilities. With 14 data centers globally, we process billions of requests daily with 10014ptime.

100% Availability

24x7 Best-in-class Support

Our prompt, relentless support for the smallest of queries is one of the many reasons why over 2500 customers love us (with 99% CSAT).

Unmatched Performance

Unmatched Performance

VWO Data360 is built to ensure real-time, secure, 24*7 data availability and lightning-fast processing. Our infrastructure is reliable and fail-safe.

Leverage your Customer Data to fuel customer-centric growth.

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