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Converting with Comedy: Research Parallels for CRO

Duration: 40 minutes


Viket Benzesin

Viket Benzesin

D2C Customer Journey Manager, Europe


7+ years of leading quantitative and qualitative research projects for CPG and tech companies.

About The Session

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and as a CRO, your job is to spot, filter and lead quick execution around them for when they do appear. 

Join Viket Benzesin, who is experienced in both research and stand-up comedy, as she delves into the unexpected similarities between these seemingly unrelated areas. This entertaining webinar offers a high-energy exploration of how humour and research intersect, providing a unique perspective on the intricacies of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). From punchlines to profit, discover how leveraging humour can upgrade your CRO strategies, making the journey from data to conversions an enjoyable and enlightening experience.


  • Understanding similarities between comedy and research
  • Learning how to and why to add comedy elements to your CRO processes.
  • A good laugh