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Optimization in Marketing

Life Between Variants

02 April 2024
Duration: 30 minutes (Approx.)

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Tomáš Voves

Tomáš Voves

Product Growth Engineer


As a CRO and Growth professional at Livesport, Tomáš leads the refinement of Experimentation and A/B testing capabilities, enhancing user experiences for an expansive base of over 100 million monthly users.

About The Session

How do you make an important decision as easily as possible? 

Livesport goes about it through A/B testing and experimentation. Avoiding general theses, Tomas Voves will present real A/B tests and experiments that influence (and optimize) the product for more than 100 million users worldwide. Come and hear how a global product is developed when you have facts and lots of data, not just impressions and emotions.

Key Takeaways

  • View of end-to-end optimization stitch at Livesport
  • Process of designing the ideal UX for a sports fan
  • Real-life A/B tests that led to a sizable impact