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Melbourne Innovation Centre Boosts Lead Conversion Through Homepage Testing

8.56% application submissions

About Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC)

Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC), situated in Melbourne’s North East stands as a prominent business incubator dedicated to supporting the growth and success of startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

MIC provides a diverse array of support and training, including access to weekly workshops and events, advisory services, educational materials, and business content for businesses aiming to thrive in their respective industries. This forward-thinking approach aligns with its overarching goal of contributing to the growth and development of businesses within the innovation ecosystem.

The center truly embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship by continually striving for improvement through initiatives like conversion rate optimization. A noteworthy aspect of their CRO activities includes conducting A/B testing with VWO.

Why VWO 

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Jamie-Lee Kay

Jamie-Lee Kay

Digital Technical Team Lead at Melbourne Innovation Centre


The digital team at MIC strategically leverages their website’s homepage to generate leads. However, they observed a dip in the conversion rate for the lead form and were keen on enhancing this aspect to optimize lead acquisition.


Upon initial analysis via heatmapping and Google Analytics, the team noted that the existing calls to action (CTAs) could use a more compelling appeal to boost engagement. Moreover, the main H1 heading lacked resonance with the audience. It did not effectively communicate the value proposition or prompt users to complete the application form contributing to an early drop-off from the page. Consequently, the lower conversion rate was hindering the achievement of anticipated application numbers.


Building on their observations, the team hypothesized that introducing an audience-relevant H1 heading, coupled with slight adjustments to the secondary text and the creation of a more compelling CTA, would lead to an increase in the conversion rate of the homepage forms.

Tests run

Fueled by the hypothesis, the team at MIC conducted an A/B test to gauge the impact on the number of clicks and submissions on the application form.

In the control version of the homepage, the H1 heading adopted a formal tone, emphasizing a broader perspective that could encompass multiple aspects, including technology, software, and overall digital transformation. The secondary text maintained a similar tone, providing references to the offered services. The CTA text simply stated, “Get started.”

Mic Control

In contrast, the variation version of the homepage featured an H1 heading with a slightly more direct and casual tone. It specifically addressed the immediate needs of individuals or businesses seeking prompt improvements in their online presence. The secondary text adopted a more lucid approach, succinctly showcasing the offerings in a concise word count compared to the control version. The call to action (CTA) text in this variation read “Apply now.”

Mic Variation

The results of the A/B test yielded intriguing findings. Across all the metrics analyzed, the variation version consistently outperformed the control version. Notably, the variation version generated a higher number of clicks (8.60% more) on the ‘Apply now’ button. Furthermore, it exhibited an impressive 8.56% improvement in application submissions compared to the control version. 

Metrics 3


Armed with the insightful results from the A/B test, the digital team at MIC promptly implemented the necessary content updates to their homepage. Reflecting on the process, the team emphasized that without conducting this A/B test with VWO, such crucial changes wouldn’t have been made, potentially causing a considerable loss in the number of applications. Encouraged by these positive outcomes, the team is now eager to launch new A/B test campaigns in VWO, maintaining a proactive approach to continually enhance website conversion rates.

If the success of Melbourne Innovation Centre has piqued your interest and you want to explore the capabilities of VWO, here’s your chance! Take advantage of a 30-day free trial to experience its comprehensive experimentation features. Discover how you can seamlessly run tests to align with and achieve your business goals. Dive in and unleash the power of VWO to elevate your experimentation and optimization endeavors.



Greensborough, Australia



Experiment goals

Improve the number of clicks on the application form


8.56% increase in application submissions

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