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Performics Enhances Aapka Painter’s Lead Generation Process with VWO Testing

40% lead generation

About Performics India

Performics India, a leading performance marketing agency under Publicis Groupe, offers stellar services in digital branding, programmatic, paid media, organic content, and SEO services. It serves clients in industries like BFS, insurance, consumer goods, OTT, telecom, travel, and startups. Notably, it has worked with major brands such as Airtel Broadband, HDFC Bank, and ITC Foods.

Performics’ proprietary solution Performing Funnels is a next-gen solution that focuses on leveraging AI for CRO. It helps brands provide personalized experiences to their users and improve engagement and conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. Performics teamed up with VWO to deploy the hypothesis generated using Performing Funnels.


Performics aimed to increase leads and minimize leaks in the conversion funnel for Aapka Painter, a painting service brand supported by Pidilite. The brand provides expert painting and waterproofing services for homes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.



Performics’ Performing Funnels leveraged VWO’s Split URL Test campaign feature that not only exceeded our expectations but also showcased their deep understanding of our industry and commitment to optimizing the user experience. Their expertise, dedication, and  strategic approach have significantly contributed to our online success, and we look forward to further collaboration to achieve even greater milestones.

Rohin Hans

Rohin Hans

Chief Growth Officer - Pidilite

At Performics, we’re committed to providing data-driven CX optimization solutions for our clients. Our partnership with VWO has been instrumental in this mission. VWO has played a pivotal role in deploying the most complex experiments. The platform’s robust A/B testing functionalities and clear data analysis have enabled Publicis AI team to conduct insightful experiments and significantly improve Aapka Painter’s website’s conversion rates. 

Sourabh Arya

Sourabh Arya

Director and Business Head - Publicis AI


The Perfomics team analyzed user behavior data for the lead form using Performing Funnels (their AI-based framework for conversion rate optimization). The process led to the hypothesis that reducing the number of steps in the form and simplifying the paint selection process for the users would increase the completion rate and improve the number of leads from the paint cost calculator form.

To simplify paint selection, the team categorized the paint types into Economy, Premium, and Luxury based on the hypothesis that this would make it easy for users to select a paint available in their budget. 

Tests run

Based on the above hypothesis, the team chose to test the entire user journey of the paint cost calculator form using VWO Testing. Since there was a significant overhaul of the user journey, the team decided to utilize VWO’s Split URL testing.

VWO’s Split URL testing enables you to easily split your website traffic between two different URLs for the same landing page.

The variation included the following changes:

  • Reduced the form from 5 steps to 3 steps.
  • Simplified the product mix selection fields for easy identification of paint types.
  • Positioned the “economy paint category” field at the beginning with a default selection to expedite the user journey.

Here is how the new journey looked:

Aapka Painter Case Study

The Split URL test ran for a week, and the variation emerged as the winner. It garnered a 40% increase in leads overall, with a remarkable surge of 200% in leads on the final day compared to the control group. Additionally, it achieved a 1.4x rise in average engagement time per session, coupled with a 30% reduction in drop-offs.

Variation 1 - winner


Performics’ strategic use of Split URL testing with VWO has greatly enhanced the user experience, leading to substantial online success for Aapka Painter.

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Experiment goals

Improve lead generation


40% increase in lead generation

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