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See why your users struggle to convert

Experience your website or mobile app through your users' eyes with
session recordings and uncover hidden optimization insights.

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Step into your user's shoes

Explore how our customers tap into session recordings data to enhance experiences, run experiments with concrete data, and boost conversion metrics.

Get insights faster with comprehensive session recording filters

Peel the layers of user interactions and have a detailed understanding of your audience’s experience.

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Analyse users with specific traits

Filter by location, device type, etc., or create custom attributes for more precise analysis.

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Zoom in on struggling users

Narrow down recordings to identify struggles, filter by rage clicks, app crashes, and more.

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Decipher user engagement patterns

Filter by interaction data like taps, scrolls, or session data like recording duration, screen/page count, etc.

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Dig deeper into your A/B tests

Understand how your users behave on your A/B test campaign variations to find the reasons for your results.

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See why users couldn’t convert an event

Pinpoint why users didn’t click, scroll, submit, purchase, or perform any custom action important to you.

Navigate recordings quickly with an intuitive player experience

Get instant insights and effortless control with VWO's lag-free, high-quality replays.

Monitor user actions
Monitor user actions
Control the playback speed
Analyze faster by skipping the pauses
Heatmaps Heatmaps

Monitor user actions with session events

Watch user actions in a neatly presented event list, and jump to specific events with a click.

Monitor user actions

Control the playback speed

Adjust the playback speed to match your analysis pace.

Control the playback speed

Analyze faster by skipping the pauses

Fast-forward recordings and skip idle times to focus on user events.

Analyze faster by skipping the pauses

Understand engagement with one-click heatmaps

Generate a click heatmap in just one click that shows engagement on even old UI elements.


Collaborate and streamline your workflow seamlessly

Navigate and extract insights with a smooth, collaborative workflow for optimal understanding and analysis.

Cut down analysis time with recording views

Apply configurations to see your list of recordings and save it as a view for future access.


Manage your recordings with ease

Share, save, and download recordings for collaboration, later review, and offline viewing.

Share Report

Unify insights with recording highlights

Create moment-linked notes for faster team understanding and effective A/B test hypotheses.

Create Observation
Share Report
Create Observation
Share Report

Take full control of your data

Empower your data collection with unmatched control, robust privacy, and high-end security.

Control data collection

Watch recordings of 100% of your users or a sample of them. You have complete control.


Hide private information

Anonymize or whitelist UI elements to allow what is shown or hidden in recordings.

Hide Private data

Enable safety and high-performance

  • Enterprise-grade security and data encryption
  • Data centers across US and Europe
  • Automatically hide personal identifiable info (PII)
  • SSO and 2-Factor authentication supported
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Dig deeper into session recordings & VWO Insights

Get a comprehensive understanding of session recordings with VWO resources.

New to session recordings?

Learn all the best practices about using session recordings to understand your users better.

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Ready to start recording sessions?

Add a small snippet on your website or import our mobile app SDK to setup in minutes.

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Learn about VWO Insights

Get an overview of all the powerful features of VWO Insights in one place.

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Most customers purchase VWO Insights to gather data-driven insights for experience optimization. While our industry-leading G2 ratings and benchmark CSAT scores are evidence enough, here are some success stories in their own words.

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Still have questions?

Session recordings show you precisely the activities users perform while navigating a website or mobile app. These recordings mimic user interactions like mouse movements, clicks, taps, and page scrolls.

Filter users based on location, technology, behavior, and other attributes. Watch recordings to identify behavioral patterns. Make a note of observations and sharing with your team. Lastly, marking your session recordings is essential for easy retrieval in the future.

Yes, VWO can record all sessions. However, the extent of recording depends on your chosen plan. All your sessions will be tracked if your plan supports 100% session tracking. In cases where this is not possible, VWO employs sampling techniques to deliver the most effective results within your budget.

VWO operates on real-time data collection and synchronization. As such, your session recordings should be visible within a few moments after the session has ended.

Indeed, VWO Insights starter plan does include the session recording feature.

Yes, they are identical, but different vendors use different naming conventions.