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SmartStats For Smarter Business Decisions

We understand that the complexity of data points you need to make the right business call from your experimentation projects can be hard to understand and explain to the relevant stakeholders. In the current business scenario, it is important not only to be right but to do so in the fastest time.

SmartStats, VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistics engine is designed to do the heavy lifting when it comes to calculations and accuracy for you and gives you all the ingredients you need to make the right business decisions.

Configured to deliver data-driven results

SmartStats is engineered to compute accurate results for all your goals. It is configured to help you make the right business decisions without worrying too much about the statistics. We got you covered there while you focus on more important business goals.

It gives easy to digest metrics along with recommendations so that you can stop looking up the definition of p-value or verify statistical significance but only focus on what your next steps should be.

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong decisions based on less data. Your results are valid whenever you look at them.

a screenshot from an ab test campaign report setup in VWO
Instead of trying to find the absolute truth, SmartStats looks for the better choice. You get intelligent answers quickly so that you get more time to increase your conversions and more time to test more ideas.
Chris Stucchio from VWO
Chris Stucchio
Data Science Leader

SmartStats speed gives you a headstart over your competitors

Speed is the new competitive advantage. Websites are dynamic, and a lot keeps happening every day. Understanding what customers want from you is the holy grail of marketing. Given all these, can you really wait for the absolute truth? Or just go with the better choice?

SmartStats engine gives you intelligent results to make smarter business decisions and reduces your testing time by half. Unlike most of our competitors who just test for statistical significance, with SmartStats, we directly address your real question—what is the probability of a variation A beating variation B and by how much.

This cuts down the waiting time in the testing phase. Finding intelligent answers quickly can widen your pipeline. You can run more tests, learn faster, and improve conversions quickly. SmartStats is faster than Frequentist! Don’t take our word for it. Compare it with the calculator for your campaign.

a graph highlighting why VWO SmartStats helps make better decisions and faster

SmartStats is faster than Frequentist!

Compare the average duration of a campaign on a Frequentist A/B testing tool with that on Bayesian-based SmartStats.


You will get results in:

Traditional A/B testing

Using Frequentist Statistics



New SmartStats

Using Bayesian Statistics




* This is an approximate duration for an A/B test with control and one variation.

You are recommended to run a test for at least 7 days or an integer number of weeks to include weekend traffic and equal number of Mondays, Saturdays etc.

SmartStats sophisticated reporting for mature CRO practitioners

SmartStats is as sophisticated and as easy as you want it to be. While the easy-to-digest recommendations and metrics are a marketers’ delight; our advanced reporting mechanism can help you slice and dice to understand each and every aspect of our recommendations.

image of the advanced reporting for mature CRO practitioners

Taking a step ahead of any other player in the industry, we provide you the best-in-class reporting which includes:

detailed calculations report icon

Detailed calculation reports

Understand how we come up with our numbers, including calculations, so that you’re sure that the numbers you’re looking at are the ones you can trust.

absolute potential loss icon

Absolute potential loss

It is also known as Bayesian Regret. Figure out if the conversion rates can be improved even further and by how much.

graph curve icon

Probability curve graphs

Want to see the exact Probability density graphs for your variations? It’s built directly into your reports.

report dashboard icon

Advanced customization for your reporting dashboard basis different stakeholders

Want to see Bayesian ranges, probability density graphs, or potential loss by default? You can do that. If you’re not into advanced statistics, fret not, you can easily hide them.

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