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Optimization in Marketing

Turning Business Challenges into Testable Ideas

Duration: 45 minutes


Max Bradley

Max Bradley

Web strategy & CRO


Max has a decade of experience in CRO, having successfully led projects for brands such as Wiz and Zendesk, and a strong aptitude for solving complex problems.

About The Session

CRO teams excel at identifying customer problems that collectively reflect the challenges businesses face daily. As a CRO professional, your knack for identifying, communicating, and resolving these challenges sets you apart.

Max possesses the know-how to spot promising problems, translate them into viable tests, and execute them on a broad scale. Although acquiring this skillset might seem daunting, Max has formulated a method for turning business challenges into feasible tests, which he will be sharing in this webinar.


  • A framework to identify testable problems
  • How to rally all stakeholders around your idea
  • How to assign roles and manage teams
  • Ideate and evaluate solutions that work at scale